Cognitive Aging Conference 2016
April 14-17 2016 Atlanta, Georgia


Cognitive Aging Conference 2014
April 3-6, 2014 Atlanta, Georgia


The next Cognitive Aging Conference will be held in Atlanta, Georgia from Thursday, April 14 to Sunday, April 17, 2016 with a reception on Friday Evening, April 15. 

Poster Guidelines:

Each poster will have a 48 x 48" space.


The 2016 Cognitive Aging Conference will be held from Thursday, April 14 to Sunday, April 17. We had to change the date from our original booking because of religious holidays. Unfortunately, there are four city-wide conventions in Atlanta during the week of our conference. Because of this, we could not book Wednesday night hotel rooms at any hotel in Atlanta. For this reason, we are starting the conference with a plenary session on Thursday at 5:00 PM. We have plenty of hotel rooms for Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights, but we encourage you to book your hotel rooms as early as you can! We do have ten rooms booked at the conference hotel for Wednesday night, but we should leave those rooms for international attendees who must arrive on Wednesday. If you must arrive on Wednesday and there are no rooms left at the Westin Buckhead for Wednesday night, you should try hotels around the airport. You could then just take MARTA to the hotel on Thursday. The registration desk for the conference will be open at 1:00 on Thursday afternoon. SO, BOOK YOUR HOTEL ROOMS EARLY!


Cognitive Aging Conference 2016
School of Psychology
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, GA 30332-0170
Fax: (404) 894-5432

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