Conference Description

The conference consists of plenary sessions (oral presentations of symposia or papers) and poster sessions.  All paper sessions are opened by a thematic overview talk by individuals invited by the program committee.  The vast majority of papers are presented in poster sessions.

The program committee will entertain two types of submissions: (1) single presentations (as done in the past) that may be designated as submissions to be considered for a spoken paper, poster, or either format; or (2) submitted symposia (a new feature for the CAC). There is a new two-tiered submission process; externally generated symposium proposals are due by Sept 18, 2017 (extended); single presentation proposals are due by Nov 15, 2017.  The program committee constructs paper sessions based on themes emerging from clusters of single presentations prior to inviting overview speakers.

The program committee consists of relevant faculty of the School of Psychology at Georgia Tech.

The 2018 conference coordinator is Christopher Hertzog.

The graduate student coordinating logistics and organization of the 2018 meeting is Ursula Saelzler.

All individuals attending the meeting are responsible for their own travel arrangements, hotel booking, and conference registration.

Please direct any and all inquiries about the Conference Aging Conference to; we regularly monitor this email account. 

Notification of Acceptance

We will provide timely notification of acceptance of submissions, including a date and time for the presentation.

Anticipated notification dates:

Symposium submissions (approximately Nov 10, 2017)

Paper/Poster submissions: (approximately Jan 15, 2018 or earlier)

All submitters will be notified regarding acceptance via email.