Symposia Abstract Submission

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Symposium Proposals

The proposed symposium should include an organizer and up to 4 presenters, to cover 90 minutes (organizer + 3 presenters) or 120 minutes (organizer + 4 presenters). The structure of the symposium should include a brief thematic overview presentation by the organizer, individual presentations, and an optional discussion. The organizer can serve as the discussant, or another named discussant can be included.

The submission must be accompanied by a (maximum) 400 word proposal summary that includes: general description of symposium theme (target, 200 words) and a brief description of each presentation and how it fits into the theme (target, 200 words).  Each individual presentation in the symposium must provide author(s) with affiliations, a title, contact information, and an up to 250-word abstract for that presentation.

The deadline for proposals is November 1, 2019. We will notify submitters of symposium acceptance by December 15, 2019.

If a symposium proposal is not accepted, each of the proposed participants can indicate a willingness to convert their presentation to an individual submission by checking the corresponding box for each symposium paper in this submission portal. We strongly encourage symposium submissions, but hope that those presentations that are not accepted will be converted as needed to an individual submission.